Relaxing getaway in Mallorca at a hotel a with SPA
Relaxing getaway in Mallorca at a hotel a with SPA
Experience a relaxing getaway in Mallorca at a hotel with a Spa

The arrival of spring is the ideal occasion to enjoy a getaway. After long months in which the routine and day to day seem to have no end, the body asks for a break. From March days are longer, and the sun begins to heat more and more as well as the desire to escape for a few days and enjoy a quiet destination with all the comforts.

Mallorca is probably one of the best options: beaches and coves with crystal clear waters, mountains that offer incredible views of the Mediterranean where you can do all kinds of routes and paths, inland towns full of charm, quality cuisine prepared with local products and, in short, a cocktail of elements that provide us with the relaxing holiday that we so much need.

What to do on a relaxing getaway in Mallorca

What are the best plans to enjoy a quiet holiday to disconnect from day to day? Options are endless and depend on the type of trip we are looking for: sun and beach, sports, cultural tourism... These are some ideas:

Visit the Cathedral of Palma. This is undoubtedly the symbol of Mallorca Capital. A Gothic-style cathedral that boasts the largest Gothic rose window of all the cathedrals in Spain and Europe. It is also located in an unbeatable location, just a few metres from the Palma promenade.

Taste Mallorcan gastronomy. The truth is that there are many iconic dishes on Mallorca island. Particularly noteworthy are Trampó, a salad made with tomato, green pepper, onion with oil and salt, Tumbet, made from vegetables and seasonal vegetables such as aubergines, peppers, and potatoes, and the Ensaimada, the island’s dessert par excellence.

Take a swim in dreamy coves. Mallorca has more than 250 beaches and coves where you can enjoy the good weather and the Mediterranean water. Some of the most impressive, which seem to come out of a postcard, are Caló des Moro, Cala s'Almunia, Cala Mitjana, and Cala Es Màrmols.

Get lost in inland towns streets. Sóller, Valldemossa, Esporles, and Pollença are some of the island's municipalities that take us back hundreds of years. Surrounded by huge fields of olive trees, they are ideal to spend an afternoon and get lost in its narrow streets.

Relaxation hotel with spa in Mallorca

On a relaxing trip, you cannot miss comfortable accommodation, in a strategic location and with all the necessary services to worry only about resting. For this reason, Santa Clara Urban Hotel & SPA is the ideal option. A hotel in Palma’s heart, a few metres from the cathedral and just five minutes from the beach, which has a spa where you can end an intense holiday day. Book your stay and treat yourself to those holidays that you deserve so much. We will wait for you!