5 water sports to do in Mallorca
5 water sports to do in Mallorca
Water sports in Mallorca
Surfing, sailing, stand-up paddling, diving, or just sailing... There are a thousand options at your fingertips if you want to experience what it feels like to practice any of the water sports in Mallorca. Adrenaline seekers race across the waves on a kiteboard or test the limits of their skills in canyoning. If you want adrenaline, relax, or explore the coast by rowing or by boat, this blog post today is for you.

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Sailing in Mallorca
In numerous marinas, organizers offer sailing trips that will take you to the coastal waters of the island. If you wish, you can support the crew in turning and anchor launch maneuvers in the remote bays. Monohulls are not the only model used when sailing in Mallorca and it is also possible to sail on a catamaran. Some sailing schools offer courses with different levels of difficulty.

Canyoning and deep-sea fishing
Those who love excitement can find their climax practising canyoning in Mallorca. The combination of water fun and climbing adventure has a very special appeal for many travellers. Participants follow the path of the water through deeply eroded gorges within the Tramuntana Mountains. Waist-deep pools must be crossed, rocks climbed, and sheer walls are overcome by rappelling. Some outdoor organizers offer guided tours accompanied by a local guide. Fishing in Mallorca is, without a doubt, an exciting experience.

Diving and snorkeling
Do you dream of seeing giant groupers, swarms of sea bream, and red and yellow horn corals in their natural habitat below the surface of the water? If you dive into Mallorca, this wish becomes reality. The culmination is a boat safari where participants get up close to barracuda, cuttlefish, and sea anemones. The spectacular views of the Mallorcan underwater world are provided by the participants who practice snorkeling in Mallorca. The rock walls of the bays are species-rich ecosystems with a multitude of living things.

The wind and kitesurfing
Alcúdia and Pollença bays are the most popular kitesurfing areas in Mallorca. Constant wind conditions prevail on the north coast of the island and these are 'vital' for kitesurfers. For windsurfing, there are several suitable sections on the Mallorcan coast. Although Alcúdia bay is a popular area for surfing, you will discover other places that are very famous among water sportsmen. Palma bay and Es Trenc beach are some of the highlights.

Stand-up paddling and kayaking
With stand-up paddling, a new fun has been established for many families in Mallorca. It comes from the United States. SUP is the abbreviation for this water sport. Standing on a board and equipped with a drilling trowel, the outdoor activists embark on a journey of discovery to the coastal waters. Kayak excursions in Mallorca are another alternative. Relaxed and stress-free, you'll sail past rock faces, beaches, and bays. Excursions and experiences at sea are very popular on the Balearic island.

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