Sustainability at Santa Clara hotel
Sustainability at Santa Clara hotel
At Santa Clara hotel we work so that the tourista responsible and sustainable experience with the environment
Do you also bet on regenerative tourism? If what you are looking for is accommodation in Mallorca that meets your expectations, find out about the commitment to sustainability of Santa Clara hotel, where we are committed to more sustainable tourism that is aware of the environment. That is why, Santa Clara Urban Hotel & SPA, has the seal of competitive regenerative hotel, where we promote responsible tourism in commitment to sustainability.

Given the growing social awareness about the importance of caring for the environment, the practice of regenerative tourism has been generated, a new concept of travel that contributes to sustainability and local development, establishing a balance between visitors and locals with the habitat that surrounds them. At the hotel we are aware that we must take care of the planet and improve the quality of our guests' trips, which is why we constantly work so that tourists enjoy a responsible and sustainable experience with the environment.

Hotel Santa Clara actions in commitment to sustainability

What is the commitment of the hotel?
At Santa Clara Urban Hotel & SPA we put our grain of sand in commitment to sustainability by carrying out different actions that guarantee the tourist's connection with our environment. We seek active and quality visitor participation on the island, being a benchmark in the transformation towards a sustainable and responsible tourism model that contributes to the needs of the planet and to economic and social development in our destination.

Good location = development of local commerce
The hotel's central location makes it easy for tourists to get to know Palma's establishments first-hand, betting on conscious tourism with local businesses. We are a few metres from shops, designer boutiques and restaurants, which allows visitors to discover Mallorca through its shops and gastronomy.

Cycling-friendly hotel
Another of the actions that we carry out in our hotel in commitment to sustainability materializes with the bike rental service that we offer to our guests. In this way, visitors can get to know the city using a sustainable means of transport that produces 0 emissions, as well as practice cycling around the island through some of the best cycling routes in Mallorca.

Regenerative tourism in Mallorca
To promote this type of tourism in our territory, at Santa Clara hotel we offer quality proposals to our guests in relation to cultural, natural and active tourism.

In this way, travellers who pass through our hotel actively participate in responsible and sustainable tourism that reduces the environmental impact on the island, while enjoying our beaches, the land and the history of Mallorca.

Do you join this new, regenerative and responsible tourism model? Our staff, committed to sustainability, will help you choose among all kinds of proposals based on the tourist offer in our environment. Plan your trip and reserve one of our rooms with access to the Spa to learn more about the commitment to sustainability of a hotel committed to the planet: Santa Clara Urban Hotel & SPA.