Hotel Santa Clara: A stay with art in Palma de Mallorca
Hotel Santa Clara: A stay with art in Palma de Mallorca
Mallorca's vibrant and varied art scene is reflected in the art galleries, museums and festivals that take place all over the island.

Palma de Mallorca is home to some of the main artistic centers of Mallorca. The city has numerous art galleries exhibiting works by local and international artists, as well as several museums housing art collections and historical objects. Among the museums are the Museum of Contemporary Art (Es Baluard), the Juan March Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art, and the Museum of Sacred Art.

In addition to the established art scene, the island also has a rich tradition of local craftsmanship. The island's artisans work with a wide variety of materials, from ceramics and blown glass to textiles and leather, and produce a wide range of objects, from jewelry and clothing to furniture and home décor.

Santa Clara: An artistic hotel

The Santa Clara Urban Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Palma de Mallorca housed in a historic 17th century building. Carefully restored and modernized, it offers a unique experience to its guests.

Located in the historic city center, the Santa Clara Urban Hotel is surrounded by a variety of stores, restaurants and tourist attractions. Just a few steps from the hotel is the impressive cathedral of Palma, one of the most emblematic monuments of the city.

At the Santa Clara Urban Hotel we understand that art is an important part of the human experience and that is why we have integrated a wide variety of works of art into the design and decoration of the hotel. The idea is to create a unique and welcoming environment that inspires our guests and allows them to enjoy a unique experience.

Our hotel, which is housed in a historic 17th century building, has been completely renovated preserving the stone walls in all rooms. This contrast between the old and the new is enhanced by a carefully selected decoration that includes carefully selected pieces of art. By integrating art into the design of the hotel, we have created an atmosphere that stimulates the senses and allows guests to experience a relaxing and stimulating environment. In addition, the exceptional location of the Santa Clara Urban Hotel in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca, surrounded by art and culture, makes the experience even more enriching.

If you want to enjoy the beauty and artistic atmosphere of Palma de Mallorca, book your stay at the Santa Clara Urban Hotel.

We guarantee you a unique experience thanks to our carefully selected works of art and our modern design that blends perfectly with the historical architecture of the building. All this accompanied by an exceptional personalized service and the comfort of our fully equipped rooms.

Don't think twice and book your stay at the Santa Clara Urban Hotel to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Palma de Mallorca.