3 charming towns that you cannot miss in Mallorca
3 charming towns that you cannot miss in Mallorca
Soller, Alcúdia and Fornalutx

Mallorca island becomes one of the favourite destinations of anyone who visits it, and it is not surprising. Beaches and coves with turquoise waters, trails and natural caves that seem to be taken from a story and a cosmopolitan city like Palma are some of its main attractions, but the truth is that there is much more.

The towns of the island, both coastal and inland, hide much of the charm of Mallorca unknown to many. Streets that remain the same as centuries ago, a rural environment and lots of nature are some of the aspects that characterize them, but the truth is that each one is special for different reasons.

3 charming towns on a special island.

First of all, Sóller is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Balearic archipelago and in the whole of Spain. Its historic centre takes us back hundreds of years, and stands out for its architecture with the imprint of Joan Rubió i Bellver, a well-known disciple of Antoni Gaudí who signed both the Sóller bank and the church of San Bartomeu.

The past of this town is still very present in all its streets, especially in the Mallorcan architecture houses and palaces with a strong influence of French architecture thanks to the export of oranges and wine to France.

Alcudia is another of the most notable municipalities on the island: located between two badías, beyond its spectacular beach, it has mountains, cultural richness, a lot of history and an atmosphere of celebration that is always present. In this town there are remains of the Roman city of Polentia, so some of the most attractive points are the two walls (one Renaissance and one medieval).

On the other hand, Fornalutx is the first town in Mallorca to enter the official list of the most beautiful in Spain, and it did so thanks to its irregular orography, which is typical of the highest peak of the Serra de la Tramuntana. With many charming streets and stone houses surrounded by orange and lemon trees, Fornalutx is the ideal place to get lost for a morning.

Even so, the towns of Sóller, Alcudia and Fornalutx are just three of the many Mallorcan towns and cities with great gastronomic, cultural, historical and, of course, natural richness that you cannot miss during your visit to the island.

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