Jewish Mallorca in Palma
Jewish Mallorca in Palma
Discover Jewish Mallorca in the historic centre of Palma

Mallorca is an island with a strong medieval and Jewish history, especially its capital, Palma. Even today, the city preserves a Jewish quarter called Call Major, which in its day formed a practically independent area from Palma.

Although the old Jewish city was burned, its history is still very present today and is reflected in the streets of this peculiar neighborhood located in the northeast quadrant of Palma, between Plaza Santa Eulàlia and Porta des Camp. It is a really particular area, with very narrow alleys, quite dark and some of them even dead ends.

Jewish Mallorca. A story like no other.

The persecution of the Jews was such that the synagogue that once presided over this neighbourhood was replaced by what is today the Church of Montesión, although the base of the old building is still preserved. However, we can still find significant traces of the Jewish people such as its crossed streets, especially the best known, Calle del Viento. A narrow and crossed avenue whose layout causes it to receive more wind than the rest of the streets.

Another important area is the so-called Call Menor, formed by the stairs of the Costa del Theatre and the streets of Sant Bartomeu, Argenteria, Bosseria, Monges, Jaume II i Reixa and Plaza Mayor.

Knowing Jewish history is essential to know and understand the history of Palma and the island of Mallorca. For this reason, the island has different activities and cultural centres to get to know it in depth, such as the Maimó los Bon Faraig Centre, a call interpretation centre, whose main objective is to rehabilitate the mark left by this community on the culture of Mallorca, or the Jewish Cultural Days that are celebrated periodically.

And it is that Jewish history is still more present than ever today: some of the most common surnames of the inhabitants of all the cities and towns of Mallorca have Jewish heritage: Fortesa, Pomar, Miró, Aguiló or Pinya are Hebrew surnames that keep the Jewish presence on the island very much alive.

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