Experience a magical Sant Joan in Mallorca
Experience a magical Sant Joan in Mallorca
The vigil of Sant Joan, the night of June 23, the city of Palma is transformed into a scenario of magic and tradition to celebrate the summer solstice. With its popular correfoc and a lively festival, Palma welcomes the summer with a festival full of fire, dance and music.

The night of San Juan is the shortest night of the year and is celebrated in most Mediterranean towns and cities, and Palma de Mallorca is one of them. One of the common points of all these celebrations is the fire, which occupies a central place, symbolizing the renewal and the beginning of a new cycle.

In Mallorca the most outstanding events of the night are the celebrations in Calvià, Deià, Sant Joan and of course, Palma.

The city of Palma dresses up as a party from the afternoon of June 23rd, when the Parc de la Mar becomes the meeting point for the little ones. Workshops and children's activities take place, and visitors have the opportunity to witness demonstrations of traditional dances until 11:00 pm, when the popular correfoc begins.

In the correfoc, the "colles de dimonis" run through the streets of the city with firecrackers in their maces, the thunderous sound of the firecrackers and the shower of sparks generated by the "dimonis", together with the spectators who join in, create a unique and energetic atmosphere. In addition, two huge fire beasts parade: the dragons of Sant Jordi and the Drac de Na Coca. The latter is linked to some legends of Palma and adds a touch of mystery and fascination to the night. Finally, the correfoc culminates with an impressive batucada that makes the city rumble and fills the atmosphere with energy.

But the party does not end here, and is that the climax of the night comes at midnight, when the rituals of this magical evening are fulfilled. Many people go to the beaches near the city to carry out these ancestral ceremonies. Some dive into the sea, taking advantage of the sea breeze and the moonlight to purify themselves and receive the blessing of San Juan. Others light bonfires on the beach and jump over them as a symbol of renewal and protection.

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