Palma de Mallorca’s Jewish Quarter
Palma de Mallorca’s Jewish Quarter
Throughout the history of Mallorca, different cultures have populated the island, although one of the most important was the Jewish community in Palma. There are references from the 5th century of the presence of the Jewish people in Mallorca, although it is suspected that they already lived together with the Romans. Their community was congregated in the area of the call Menor, just behind the Palma’s Cathedral. Although, because of the request of the King Jaime II, they were forced to move to the call Major.

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Where is Palma’s old Jewish quarter located?

The call Menor, the first Jewish quarter which there are references, was located near the old port of Palma, in the surroundings of the Almudaina’s palace. However, in the 14th century, James II ordered the Jewish quarter to move to the east of the city, to the present-day La Calatrava district, forming the call Major.

The new neighborhood was connected by the streets of Sol, Montesión and Seminario Antiguo and had up to three synagogues.

The entrance gate to the call Major, formerly walled, was at the confluence of Sol and Montesión streets, where the Montesion church now stands. Although, formerly it was the place where the Major Synagogue stood. Fragments of the old building can still be seen.

Sol street has a plaque on the ground commemorating the entrance to the Jewish quarter.
In this area, we find the emblematic church, but also we can see other places of interest such as Can Dusai street and its great arch that shows that it was one of the main streets of the Jewish quarter.

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