Experience a special Valentine's Day in Palma de Mallorca
Experience a special Valentine's Day in Palma de Mallorca
Take a look at these plans to enjoy your Valentine's Day in Palma de Mallorca.

Celebrating Valentine's Day in Palma de Mallorca can be a good option to surprise your partner. The sea and the beach are always a good start for a beautiful love story or to rekindle it. In addition, the old town of Mallorca is one of those scenarios for it. Don't you think?

Enjoy Valentine's Day in Palma de Mallorca

Not only walking by the beach can become something romantic, but also walking through the old town of the Balearic capital can become something magical. Santa Clara Urban Hotel & Spa is located precisely in this area. It is the perfect place for that special evening. You are five minutes from Palma beach, the cathedral, and the city centre. Can you ask for more?

Discover the city in a different way. In addition to your stay with us, you can book other ways to explore Mallorca. So if you don't feel like walking, you have the opportunity to tour the city on an electric scooter, electric bicycle, or segway. Although if you prefer to go on four wheels, we have the possibility for you to get to know Mallorca on a quad. Do you dare?

A jet ski ride around the bay. If you are one of those who like water sports, we have another proposal for you. Would you like to tour the bay of Palma on a jet ski? Or, if you prefer, you can also go by motorcycle from Palma to Deltas nature reserve. Another fun way is to snorkel and discover the wonders that lie under the crystal clear waters that surround the island.

Horseback ride through Randa. In case you know how to ride a horse, we also have rides on these beautiful animals. It is another way to get to know the island and have direct contact with the nature that surrounds it.

Watching the sunset. This is another one of those magical moments that you cannot miss on Valentine's Day in Palma. Go up to the terrace of a hotel and contemplate how the sky shows you its reddish colours. Relax contemplating the views of that sunset over the cathedral, or the sea, while having a drink or reading a book from a terrace. At Santa Clara Urban Hotel & Spa, we have an attic terrace where you can see this show lying in one of our hammocks.

Yacht rental. Since you are in Mallorca, another way to enjoy the beauty of a sunset is on board a boat. At the hotel, we have a yacht rental service. The views from the boat are worth it.

Spa. Even if it's Valentine's Day, it doesn't hurt to pamper your body a little in a spa. At Santa Clara Urban Hotel & Spa we have a fully equipped spa with the option of contracting massages and beauty treatments such as Swedish-style massage, relaxing massage, local massage, or aromatic massage. It is also the perfect gift for that person you love so much, or for yourself.

Surely spending Valentine's Day in Mallorca at Santa Clara Urban Hotel & Spa would be a perfect plan. However, until March 1 we do not open our doors. Why don't you celebrate your own Valentine's Day in Palma de Mallorca on the date you want? Remember that you don't have to show affection just one day a year. Shall we talk about how you can surprise your partner?