Michelin star restaurants in Mallorca
Michelin star restaurants in Mallorca
Enjoy the best Michelin Star restaurants in Mallorca
If you are a bon vivant who likes to enjoy the pleasures of life, you are interested in reading on. Imagine a sunny day, crystal clear blue waters, a good cocktail and to finish, a dinner at a Michelin star restaurant in Mallorca.

Due to its maritime location, Mallorca has received culinary influences from different cultures over the years, which is why its gastronomy is admired by tourists and visitors

It is impossible to think of Mallorca and not imagine a delicious sobrassada, or for those looking for something sweeter, a fluffy piece of ensaimada sprinkled with sugar and accompanied by a good coffee with milk.

If we refer to dishes more suitable for lunch or dinner, you cannot miss the famous Tumbet, made from vegetables such as aubergine, red peppers, potatoes and tomatoes, or the infallible coca de trampó, a kind of pizza where the vegetables are the protagonists.

But if your thing is to go one step further, and get carried away by more innovative and surprising bites, don't worry, in Mallorca the offer of Michelin-starred restaurants is wide and is waiting for you.

Although we could mention many more, here are 4 Michelin-starred restaurants in Mallorca where all your senses will be triggered, offering you an authentic gastronomic experience:

DINS Santi Taura. Located in the central district of Sa Calatrava, a few metres from the cathedral of Mallorca, chef Santi Taura's restaurant offers a journey through the gastronomy of the islands, reinterpreting it and using local products from land and sea. With a careful decoration to the millimetre that transmits peace and calm, at the restaurant with Michelin star of Mallorca DINS de Santi Taura, the diner can choose the tasting menu or à la carte dishes. Whichever you choose, success is assured.

Adrian Quetglas. Born in Buenos Aires, but living in Mallorca since he was 16 years old, the chef after whom the restaurant is named, Adrián Quetglas, offers you a cuisine full of flavours and fusions from all those lands that have trained him in the art of cooking. Its dishes full of contrasts and French, Spanish, English and Russian influences, but without losing an iota of Mediterranean cuisine, will take you on a journey through daring and sophisticated flavours.

Bens d'Avall. Located in an unbeatable setting in the Tramuntana Mountains, chefs Benet Vicens and Jaume Vicens work in the kitchen to offer majestic Balearic cuisine. For the most curious, it should be noted that they practise permaculture, a system in which, among other aspects, they cook those products that they themselves have grown in their gardens. Mallorca's Michelin-starred restaurant, Béns d'Avall, offers Balearic flavours and maximum respect for the nature that surrounds us.

Maca de Castro. Passionate about cooking and gastronomy since 1981, the year she was born, chef Maca de Castro delights us with the creations of her 2-Michelin-starred restaurant in Mallorca, one of which is “green”, awarding a distinction for being a restaurant committed to the environment. Lover of fairs, markets and farmers, the young chef plays with two keywords: season and tradition. Mouthfuls full of creativity, beauty and history await you.

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