Festivities you cannot miss in Mallorca this 2024
Festivities you cannot miss in Mallorca this 2024
We bring you a compilation of the best-known popular and local festivals in Mallorca so that you can organize your trip to the island in advance and enjoy the celebrations. All of them are characterized by a lively and festive atmosphere in which music and dancing are present, so don't miss them!

Nit de Foc

Nit de Foc is the name given in Mallorca to the popular Verbena de San Juan, on June 23rd. A night in which there is no shortage of fireworks, bonfires, music and light shows on the shortest night of the year. Although it is a celebration that is held all over the island, the best towns to enjoy it are Palma, Captepera, Alaró, Sóller and Mancor de la Vall.

During the day, celebrations include activities such as traditional food, local costumes and dances in the streets. However, the real magic begins at nightfall. The residents of the villages take to the streets transformed into authentic demons to offer an impressive spectacle of fire and light, to the rhythm of the sound of drums and flutes.

The night continues with concerts, street parties, bonfires and fireworks. All accompanied by the beautiful landscapes of Mallorca. No matter if the chosen destination to celebrate the Nit de Foc is in a village in the interior of the island, in the Sierra de la Tramuntana or at the beach, the night is young and can be enjoyed anywhere!

Although in CIutadella de Palma, the Nit de Foc takes on real importance as it is the capital of the island.Book your room in Palma this June, the Nit de Foc is the most awaited party of the year in Mallorca and there is a lot of demand for accommodation! In our Santa Clara Urban Hotel & SPA you will stay in the heart of the city and just minutes from the beach. An ideal place to enjoy the city, the beaches of the island and the party of the shortest night of the year!

Es Firo.

Es Firo is one of the biggest festivals of the Balearic Islands. This 2024 the festival will be held between 9 and 13 May in Sóller, in various acts that commemorate the defense of the islands against the invaders in the sixteenth century. A festivity in which everyone dresses up!

The main event consists of the recreation of the Moorish siege of the island of Mallorca, in a show that combines songs, dance, wine and fireworks. Es Firo stands out as one of the most boisterous festivals on the island, with the one in Puerto de Sóller being the most popular and vibrant.

Jaleo and Festa de's Cavalls

The Festa de's Cavall is held in the municipality of Ses Salines, Mallorca, is an annual event that pays homage to the traditional Menorcan equestrian parade called Jaleo.Both the Jaleo and the Festa de's Cavalls are parades in which the main protagonists are the horses. An equestrian ride in which the riders raise their mounts on their hind legs and advance to the beat of a lively Aragonese jota. A spectacle which is worth seeing!

Although the Jaleo is Mallorca's popular event, held during the day of the Festa de Foc, the Festa de's Cavalls is celebrated on 28 August in a somewhat less boisterous atmosphere.

Festa des Vermar

The Festa des Vermar, held every year in the town of Binissalem, is an event that commemorates the end of the grape harvest and marks the beginning of the production of new wines. Majorcans love wine so much that the end of the grape harvesting stage is an event that deserves a celebration.

The winemaking tradition has strong roots on the island and an origin that dates back to 100 years before Christ. Although the area under grape cultivation has decreased significantly over the years, grapes are still fundamental to Mallorcan agriculture.

Festa des Vermar takes place in mid-September and attracts both the local population of the town of Binissalem itself and neighbors from other municipalities.

The event revolves around the two protagonists of the festival: grapes and wine. The activities that are repeated annually are the wine tasting, with samples of recent and old vintages; the traditional grape stomping, where groups of people compete to extract as much juice as possible in a limited time, all while walking barefoot and leaning on their shoulders; and the grape throwing, an activity similar to the famous Valencia’s tomato fight. The festivity culminates with a dinner highlighting the traditional dish called Fideus de Vermar, composed of slow-cooked lamb, spices and noodles.

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