Drach Caves in Mallorca
Drach Caves in Mallorca
A must visit in Mallorca are the Caves of Drach, in Porto Cristo, on the east coast of the island. No matter if it is summer or winter, it is a must if you are on the island.

The Drach Caves

The Drach Caves, discovered in 1896 by the French speleologist E.A. Martel, are a much-loved heritage throughout Mallorca. They are a treasure of great natural beauty that fascinates everyone, from young to old. With more than 1,200 meters long and a maximum depth of 25 meters underground, it is a trip into a unique subway world.

The Drach caves are made up of four subway caves: the Black cave, the White cave, the cave of Luis Salvador and the cave of Los Franceses. The tour will take you to see all of them, as they are connected to each other.

Hidden gems inside the Caves of Drach

Beyond a subway rocky labyrinth, the real secret hidden inside the caves is its impressive lake of more than 115 meters in length. Named Lake Martel, it is one of the largest subway lakes in the world.

Thanks to the presence of water, the walls of the caves have been eroding and creating curious shapes. The rain that seeps into the caves is the cause of the stalactites and stalagmites that fill the cavities.

Tour of the Caves of Drach

The tour of the caves will take about an hour, during which you can marvel at the stalactite and stalagmite formations that adorn the galleries. The temperature inside stays between 17ºC and 21ºC all year round, so you won't need a coat.

The visit is accompanied by a concert with live music that puts the soundtrack to the experience. A classic tune that will accompany you in your exploration of the caves.

After the concert, you can choose to take a short boat ride on Lake Martel or admire the water basin from a bridge.

Don't forget to book your ticket in advance, as places are limited for each visit. Tickets for over 13 years old are priced at 16.50 euros if purchased on their official website, for children the price is reduced to 9.50 euros.

How to get to the Drach Caves from Palma

The easiest way to get from Palma to Porto Cristo’s town, where the Caves of Drach are located, is by car. There is a distance of about 67 km and an estimated travel time of 1 hour.

Palma de Mallorca is the best starting point to explore the rest of the island. It boasts very good communication with all points of the island and from there there is public transport service to almost everywhere. You can book a room in our Santa Clara Urban Hotel & SPA just 5 minutes from Palma beach, the cathedral and the city center.

You can also reach the caves by public bus. There are several buses that offer trips to the caves facilities.